Monday, December 19, 2016

The Definitive 2016 Avgeek Holiday Gift Guide

Home and Office Furniture Made From Aircraft Parts 
For avgeeks, there is nothing cooler than bringing part of the aviation world back to their homes. The design firm SkyArt takes this premise to the next level by offering a variety of furniture made from aircraft parts perfect for the home or office of an avgeek. Some of SkyArt's coolest items include a meeting table with a base made out of a classic Airbus A320 family wingtip fence, a reception desk fashioned out of an engine cowling, and a double ottoman made out of A310 seats.   
A table with an aircraft door as a base

A table with a base made out of a classic Airbus A320 family wingtip fence

Aircraft Models 
As any Avgeek can attest, there is nothing better than receiving a beautiful commercial aircraft model as a gift. This year is no exception. Some of the coolest releases this year include a Qatar Airways Cargo 747-8i, an American Airlines 777-300, an MRJ90, and a JetBlue A320 with the iconic "I Love New York" special livery.

Living in the Age of Airplanes Movie 
Living in the Age of Airplanes  is an incredible visual journey through the world of commercial aviation. The documentary, narrated by Harrison Ford, elegantly captures the magical wonder of modern commercial flightLiving in the Age of Airplanes is most definitely a must have and a must see for avgeeks this holiday season. 

An Essential Item For Frequent Travelers 
For avgeeks who can't wait to get on their next flight, it's essential to have an easily packable duffel bag capable of surviving the brutality of frequent flying. The Cenzo Weekender Duffel Bag is perfect for quick weekend getaways and business trips. Plus the durable brown calfskin leather duffel looks great 

A Stay at a 747 Hotel 
The Jumbo Stay hotel has to be near the top of every avgeek's bucket list. The Jumbo Stay is a hotel and hostel located in a retired 747 near Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The Jumbo Stay offers three types of rooms: dorm rooms, standard rooms, and suites. The premier room at the Jumbo Stay is most definitely the Double Ensuite Cockpit room. There is no experience quite like it.  

Smart Luggage 
Smart luggage offers travelers with convenient tools such as digital scale, baggage tracking, charging ports, and remote lock capabilities. Raden, with the A22 and the A28, and Bluesmart, with the Bluesmart One and the Bluesmart Black Edition, both sell highly acclaimed and TSA approved smart luggage packed with the latest technology in both carry-on and check-in size luggage.

The Raden A22's charging ports. The A22 smart luggage also comes with a digital scale and remote tracking
                                     The Bluesmart Black Edition

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