Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Sunday Five (June 6th - 12th)

1. Irkut Unveils First MC-21 
Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut, a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Corporation, unveiled its first MC-21 this past week. The MC-21 is a narrow body twin engine aircraft that will compete with Boeing and Airbus in the 150-180 passenger segment. There are two variants of the MC-21: The MC-21-200, which seats 144 passengers in a standard two class layout, and the MC-21-300, which seats 181 passengers in a single class layout. There are two engine options for the MC-21: The Pratt & Whitney PW1100G and the Russian PD-14. So far Irkut has received 175 orders for the MC-21. (Airways News) 

2. Air New Zealand to Sell Stake in Virgin Australia 
Air New Zealand announced that it will sell a 19.9% stake in Virgin Australia to the Chinese conglomerate Nanshan Group. If the deal is approved by Chinese authorities, Air New Zealand will still maintain a 6% share in Virgin Australia. The deal follows HNA Group's acquisition of a 13% stake in Virgin Australia. (IBT) 

3. SAS Reaches Labor Agreement With Pilots in Norway 
Scandinavian carrier SAS has reached a new wage agreement with Parat, the trade union that represents SAS pilots in Norway. 400 SAS pilots were set to go on strike if an agreement was not reached. (Reuters) 

4. Air France Pilots to Go on Strike 
Air France pilots are due to go on a four day strike over wage cuts, disrupting the travel plans of thousands of football fanatics trying to catch the action of the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament which is being hosted by France. Air France-KLM estimates that around 25% of pilots will participate in the strike costing the carrier around $5.65 million each day. (The Blade) 

5. American Airlines Switches to Revenue-Based Frequent Flyer Program 
American Airlines is joining United and Delta in switching its frequent flyer program from a mileage-based program to a revenue-based program. In the new program, passengers will earn five miles per every dollar spent rising to 11 miles a dollar for the airline's biggest and most loyal spenders. (Yahoo) 

The "What the Heck?" Story of the Week 

A burlesque performer was barred from boarding a JetBlue flight from Boston to Seattle unless she changed her shorts which the gate agents deemed too short. Maggie McMuffin (yes, McMuffin as in the Egg McMuffin) was forced to buy a $22 pair of sleep trunks from an airport store just so she could board her flight. While JetBlue stood behind the gate agent's decision, the airline reimbursed McMuffin for her sleep trunks and airfare. (Mashable) 

Video of the Week

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